H1 Night Breaker Laser Pair

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Choose OSRAM Night Breaker Laser H1 car bulbs if maximum performance and light output are the features you look for in a headlight.

Break the night

The OSRAM Night Breaker Laser is brighter and whiter than ever before. Take your driving to a new dimension and punch through the night with the latest in the Night Breaker series.

Lighter, brighter, better

There’s nothing worse than struggling to see the road ahead whilst driving at night. If you upgrade your bulbs to OSRAM Night Breaker Laser, you’ll never look back. The range produces up to 150% more light on the road in comparison to a standard halogen bulb, for comfortable and fatigue-free driving. The light beam is also up to 35m longer, which means that You’ll spot potential hazards and dangerous situations quicker to give you more time to react.


Optimum performance

The bulb itself has also been specially designed to optimise performance. A robust coil design ensures higher resilience. The optimised inert filling gas formula produces light more efficiently. Plus, an eye-catching design with a partial blue coating and a silver cap adds style to your vehicle, even when the Night Breaker Unlimited is not illuminated.

All Night Breaker Unlimited bulbs are road legal and are built to the highest quality standards.