OB1 – Octane Booster

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OB1 – Fuel the force

OB1 is a high performance fuel additive specially formulated to increase the octane of the base fuel, boosting Power and Torque and promoting cleaner burning and smoother running.

OB1 allows you to take advantage of more aggressive tuning, allowing more ignition advance, higher compression and higher boost on turbocharged engines. By simply adding OB1 to 95 octane unleaded allows you to effectively run ‘race fuel’ on demand.
Ensure safer running of your performance tuned engine, by reducing the chance of harmful detonation and allowing the engine to operate at optimal levels.How To Use:
5 litre OB1 to 25 litres 95 [1:5] 98 – 100 Octane
5 litre OB1 to 20 litres 95 [1:4] 103 Octane
5 litre OB1 to 15 litres 95 [1:3] 105 OctaneIt is recommended to users not to dilute the product by more than 5 litre OB1 to 35 litre 95 [1:7] These figures are a recommendation and exact vehicle requirements will vary from vehicle to vehicle, dependent on tune, hardware and base fuel quality. Users are advised that individual results may vary. Use at own risk. OB1, its proprietors, dealers, resellers will not be held liable for any damage arising from use or misuse of the product. May the force be with you!!

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