Bosch headlamps represent robustness, reliability and durability. They meet the highest quality demands, can be used in virtually every vehicle and are extremely versatile. Thanks to this star concept, you can quickly spot the special feature of each product line.


Designed for value, incorporating the best of Bosch technology.

Pure Light

In the Pure Light product line from Bosch you can find all conventional automotive bulbs for headlamps and lights

Plus 90

Bosch automotive bulbs from the Plus 90 lines emit up to 90% more light to the road compared to standard halogen lamps. They allow for enjoyable and comfortable driving without becoming tired – even on long journeys and regardless of weather conditions. An advantage that noticeably increases driving safety.

Fusion Bright

With its signature gold-plated base and top, the attractively styled Bosch Fusion Bright will make your car stand out for all the right reasons. With its intense B3 blue-coating, the Fusion Bright emits a distinct cool-toned white light and is the bulb of choice for many European premium car drivers.