H7 Silverstar 2.0 Pair

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New and improved safety

Introducing the new and improved OSRAM SILVERSTAR 2.0, a fantastic value headlight bulb range that provides increased light output at an affordable price. With safety at the forefront, OSRAM have developed the Silverstar 2.0, which offers a significantly greater light on the road than a standard halogen bulb.

The range illuminates the road with an up to 60% brighter light in the crucial zone 50 to 75 m in front of the vehicle in comparison to a corresponding standard halogen lamp (depending on the headlight). The fact that the cone of light is up to 20 metres longer offers even greater safety. Obstacles and other dangers can be seen sooner and better, as can road signs and markings.

This impressive improvement in performance is matched by a stylish design. OSRAM Silverstar 2.0 vehicle lamps are equipped with silver caps that blend in with the background of the reflector. Due to superior technology they maintain this effect throughout their lives. OSRAM Silverstar 2.0 lamps are therefore ideal in modern clear-glass headlights